Another one of these green energy/solar power fraud cases!!! just watch these videos!

When there is a hippie vibe and feel good type of loser voter that can elect con man politician into political office; you can bet there ther will be all kinds of government grants and found for stupid studies and dumb policies. One of very strong brands of B. $ that generate even Tesla type of public financial support, is the solar panel business. If you combine the government free money in the solar and “clean” energy and business savvy + lots of white race magic; you will get Elon Musk’s Tesla business (it is a promising business, because of none-union car factories… but still a little bit early technology wise). If you reduce the brain power, technical ability, seed money and motivation and increase the B$ level; instead of Tesla you will get solar freaking roadways!!! just watch following videos that debunk the ideas.

(via: Thunderf00t)

(via: EEVblog)

We don’t say that making electricity out of paved road is impossible, but making it combined with LED and the rest of it is ridiculous. Maybe if there was some sort of cheap organic (polymer) photo-voltaic for roof cover or something like that to start any resemblance of a promising idea, it would make sense.

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