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If the stock market, bond market and the real state market pups at the same time, were the money goes? ANSWERED!!

You can see an article in the zerohedge website, has published this post only to point that everything is about to go B00m!! yes!!! every thing might go B00m!!! but if you read the article, they don’t tell you if 3 bobble of market, real state and bound pups, were would be the best place to keep your money.

Ok, let us tell you… Cash $ dough … currency! liquidity! kepp your Fing money is paper money under your bed!


That is the answer!!! gold, bit coin… donkey leader, all are B$!!! don’t wast your money on them!!!

have your money in the bank!! in the form of currency, or if you are like us and do not trust the Js, keep it in the cash form!!! under your pillow! and yes!!! the b1acks might steal it! so….

Now that you know the answer… let’s get to the boring part. these are the charts that zerohedge used to say that every single bobble in the asset side of wealth is about to pup:

Ok, the charts say that everything is about to lose its value compare to the dollar!! which means that the dollar is going to gain value compare to the real state, stock market and the government bounds… it means that if you sell any of those assets and keep the cash in your hand, after the crash, you can buy a better house, or more stocks or¬†better government bounds!!!

Now do you you get it??? is the communication lines to your mind clear???!!! if the markets crash, they are going to loose their relative value to the currencies!! so have some funds for the rainy days to swap in and snatch those assets (we don’t give you any advise!! financial or any other advise!!! so if you are going to follow our analysis… you are responsible for your own actions!!! there! go F*ck urselves)

This is how Chinese rush to buy a new apartment

The Fing geniuses in British Columbia providential government tried their best to even milk more tax money from the wealthy Chinese investors in the Vancouver real state market. And like any other time that they tried to steal money, they $crewed the whole economy! the Chinese like to invest, just watch how they run into purchasing an apartment:

(via:¬†People’s Daily, China)

this is the Vancouver vs Chinese real state market