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Did google just summon the demon?

Google team has announced that they very successful in making an artificial intelligence that can learn on its own using basic reasoning to solve problems; such as learn about the London underground system. here is the announcement:

and why we title this article as: “did google just summon the demon?”. It is because up to now, at least in the announced A. I. haven had the free range to learn on their own. They usually had the a controlled base of data and a controlled algorithm (mostly created by combination of layers of weighted nodes).

Because of learning speed of an A. I. related to its electrical physics of its computation and store of a data compare to the elector-chemical nature of a human; an A. I. can evolve and improve upon itself in fraction of an hour! It can become much much smarter than a human before humanity have a chance to stop it.

Between Hit11ary saborrateling against Russia and these Beta-males new A. I. the next year, might be the last year in human history!  take a look at how this A. I. solves problems:


(via: DeepMind)

DeepMind is an start up that was bought by google in 2014 for almost half a billion $!!! and here is Elon Musk’s very very concerned warning about the A.I:

(via: Every Elon Musk Video )

Another one of these green energy/solar power fraud cases!!! just watch these videos!

When there is a hippie vibe and feel good type of loser voter that can elect con man politician into political office; you can bet there ther will be all kinds of government grants and found for stupid studies and dumb policies. One of very strong brands of B. $ that generate even Tesla type of public financial support, is the solar panel business. If you combine the government free money in the solar and “clean” energy and business savvy + lots of white race magic; you will get Elon Musk’s Tesla business (it is a promising business, because of none-union car factories… but still a little bit early technology wise). If you reduce the brain power, technical ability, seed money and motivation and increase the B$ level; instead of Tesla you will get solar freaking roadways!!! just watch following videos that debunk the ideas.

(via: Thunderf00t)

(via: EEVblog)

We don’t say that making electricity out of paved road is impossible, but making it combined with LED and the rest of it is ridiculous. Maybe if there was some sort of cheap organic (polymer) photo-voltaic for roof cover or something like that to start any resemblance of a promising idea, it would make sense.

This is how you debunk one of global warming hoaxes, the sea level rising because of ice melting, as T says, wrong!

The global warming crew (or as any other con game, that changes name every other day), the man-made climate change, (oh sorry they have change that one too)…. the climate change crew (which means the climate changes, because of man – made causes so the NWO should tax you for your carbon foorprint “breathing”). Or, their real name = The club of Rome (one sit at the NWO’s round table). Ok, the mentioned group of people; have so many lies and hoaxes and frauds, that will take a full website to un-entangle the web of lies that is the “global warming” or “the club of Rome” or …  One of those lies is as follow: because of rising temperature (wrong… we are going to call their lies, Just like what Donald Trump did to Hitllary), the sea level is going to rise and the cities on the shore are going to go under water!! This is a lie, a hoax and a fraud. Why? Because as the experiment in the video below will show, the level of liquid in a container is not going to change as long as the weight of a floating objet in it doesn’t change! The ice caps have already displaced water relative to their weight; this is a famous Archimedes’ principle. The fact that the main stream media has gone with this simple provable hoax for so long, just show you the power of Jays in the world and the depth of stupidity.

(via: CenterOfNewYork)

‘Skimming outsider with teleportation capacities’ gotten on camera in Peru (VIDEO)

Skimming outsider with teleportation capacities gotten on camera in Peru (VIDEO) 1

A puzzling article got on a security camera coasting at a Peruvian service station could be an outsider, as indicated by a UFO analyst in the South American nation.


Footage of the item, which is thought to be 3ft (1m) tall with evolving hues, indicates it drawing closer the Pachacamac corner store, skimming on the edge, and after that being pursued off by chaperons.


UFO scientist Anthony Choy additionally delivered a second video of the item he claims was taken at the same service station.


Emanating a blue sparkle, the little vault with appendages joined can be seen disregarding Earthly laws and intersection a street with total surrender.


Our outsider companion is determined when a truck seems to drive directly through it as it strays erratically, most likely searching for Machu Picchu.

Choy told Peruvian news outlet El Popular that the video was real.

“This being is remarkable, at first it was thought it was a robot or automaton however this has been discounted on the grounds that the substance made no clamor and had no motor or rotors.” Choy said, asserting the being was “not of this world.”


(via: Anthony Choy)

He trusts the being headed out to Earth by means of a between dimensional door and that humanity is excessively shut minded, making it impossible to see this wonder.

Choy said the corner store laborers asked for assurance after the episode, and went ahead to blame the Peruvian government for concealing the nearness of outsider creatures with an “‘unreasonable pyramidal force structure that keeps the “dozing” mankind controlled by an unquenchable purchaser society.