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A rare Pokemon send a huge number of people rivalry to catch it in central park

Please share this article so that other people see it and don’t get into this trap (the Pokemon Go trap)! Just take a look at this video below that has been recorded in Central Park new York of people who are playing the new gaming sensation “Pokemon GO”, this is not human behavior:

(courtesy of Alex Delepine)

The new gaming phenomena that has happen in the past couple of weeks was the introduction of the augmented reality game : the Pokemon go” which combines the real world and all the fun and game of a (farming + battle + port activity oriented) game. This is one of the biggest game that has been released in a while. There are numerous reports that a company related to a US government agency is behind this game.

In the middle of all of these, ordinary people get to be the poor people who get shifted all the worst part of any new and old phenomena. Yes Pokemon Go can be dangerous and harmful for you! Both physical and financials. Be it having the time and money wasted on a computer game that reduces their time and energy to create a family and reproduce, they have even given the short of the stick in bailing out a failing company named Nintendo. It was couple of days ago that ZeroHedg reported that the stock bubble of the Nintendo company has burst. This is right after an other article in Huffington post Canada that was celebrating Canada Pention Plan fund investing in huge amount in that failing company! Apparently neither Huffington post nor the investor of CPP didn’t know that Pokemon Go was not a creation of Nintendo but a subsidiary of Google.


Vainglory, the good game that should be popular

vaingloryI’m going to assume that you (the reader) is a cute girl at the bar; and Vainglory is my buddy who is looking for a new girlfriend. And who am I going to be in this scenario?  I’m glad you’d asked! I ‘m the wing-man. And I’m going to introduce you to a new game to make you happy! Am I getting paid to write this? Nope! this is not a paid content ad. I’m just looking to find a character for this website. This is my second Article in a while. And I’m going to write about the stuff that I like.

Matter of fact, watching vainglory is one of the ways that I keep myself entertained and sane under huge pressure that the facebook’s uncertainty have recently put on my shoulders (by recently, I mean the last 6 years or so… seriously, they are playing with fb admin’s emotions a lot!). Any ways, I have got to know the Vainglory by watching Jake’s video (OneHive’s video channel on youtube). It was kinda hard at the beginning to understand the inner working of the game. But since I have finished watching all the “clash of clan” video on youtube that day. I gave myself a go. Jake had a good beginner series on his second channel “suckless gaming” that helped me understand the game. To be honest, I might got lucky to get to know the vainglory through Jake’s videos. Otherwise, it is a little bit confusing for the viewers to pick up stuff just by the game play videos.

Ok, I was supposed to tell you guys how good the game is…. it is good! Vainglory’s usual game duration is about 15 minutes. It is action packed (lot’s of team fights), it needs strategy it is rewarding (a combination of farming and leveling up). It needs on the spot decision making. It needs a good teamwork or because of low number of players in each game (3 in each team and 6 in general), you can be the hero and carry your team if you don’t like team play and are more of a lone alpha gamer!

I’ve played and I have been watching the game play videos on the youtube. I prefer the watching them on the youtube to play the game. Here are couple of good channels that provide good content:
Shatter The vain (by Brad Chmielewski )


Brad (or Beerd) is the most professional content creator and more dedicated to vainglory that the rest of them. You can watch “rumblySuperset”, “comandetAlex” and “Jake from OneHive”. ANd through the related channel on their channels discover the other players. There aren’t that many vainglory youtubers out there.

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