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6 Testosterone Reducing Factors That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness!

Testosterone is an amazingly important hormone, both in men and women. But based on the basic human biology, it has a more characterising effect on men. It is related to the muscle mass (just take a look at any professional wrestler. No need to mention Brock Lesnar for being reported on some sort of substance for his last UFC march against Mark Hunt. As I said, there is no need to mention it. Also, no need to mention that UFC has become some sort of Joke! We shouldn’t even compare it to WWE! Maybe Joe Rogan doesn’t want you to know this!!)

6 Testosterone Reducing Causes That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness!Besides the Muscle mass effect of testosterone, it also has effect on stamina, mental capacity to focus, adequate number of red blood cells (these cells are responsible for getting nutrition to all of your cells), bone growth, mental health (sense of wellbeing and something called grit). It also help your immune system to better fight disease. There are reports that Charlie Sheen, was on testosterone, because that’s a well-kept secret in fighting HIV infection and preventing it to go to a full blown AIDS.

6 Testosterone Reducing Causes That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness! effect of age of testosterone levels

So, up to this part, we have established that testosterone is a very important hormone. But there are factors that factors that prevent the body to produce enough testosterone. Some of those factors cannot be changed so easily (like aging, you cannot reverse the aging factor “allegedly”).


But there are couple of very important testosterone reducing causes that can be overturned:

1- Stress:

Stress is one of those things that you hear about all the time but don’t know how it really affects your whole biology. Well, here is a bro science approaches to describe the effect of stress on testosterone inhibition: when you are stressed out, your body produced number of hormones to help you battle it. Cortisol and adrenaline are two big ones, that your hypothalamus (part of your third eye, according to Joe Rogan, and yes, he doesn’t want you to know this! “Allegedly”) produces during stress. These two, put all of your body resource inline to battle the perceived treat and stop the production of other things, including testosterone in the back of the line.

6 Testosterone Reducing Causes That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness! third eye

2- Artificial estrogens, or estrogen mimicking hormones or the infamous Xenoestrogens

You see, the polymers, plastics or most of oil driven wonders that we have created in the past 100 years, have similar molecular structure as our own biology (the carbon ring thing). So, if we somehow consume them (which means put it into our body), we might end up injecting ourselves with stuff that can switch stuff on and off in us, but previously wasn’t supposed to be inside of us.

6 Testosterone Reducing Causes That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness! Artificial estrogens, or estrogen mimicking hormones or the infamous Xenoestrogens

You make ask: what containe xonostrogens? Or what has artificial estrogens?

Most of the stuff that are made of Phthalates (plastics), PVS (it is usually used in plumbing) and Bisphenol A (BPA) (you can find this in most consumer goods, like water bottles).

3- Beer

Yes, as Donald Trump would say: “SAD!”. Of all things, the beer is making you lose your testosterone! They have done a study on moderate consumption of beer, and it showed it drops the testosterone level by whooping 16.5%!! I know, they didn’t do a study on not so moderate consumption of beer. If you think that the large number of beer will increase your testosterone levels, just like our facebook page here! You are our type of guy!

6 Testosterone Reducing Causes That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness! beer and testosterone

4- Refined carbs – which mean bread, sugar, cookies, and cakes can lower your testosterone levels.

Basically anything that makes your insulin level to shoot up, will inhibit pathways of production of other hormones, including testosterone. Maybe, that’s why Brock Lesnar has such high level of testosterone (they say, he lives on beef jerky!)

5- Hormones that you take in via your food, including the meet you consume might reduce your testosterone levels

So, the industrial farming is a thing nowadays. And yes, they “allegedly” use all sorts of technologies to increase their meet production. That means, growth hormone and testosterone (to increase the muscle mass, dah!). But wait a minute, You may ask:

Why testosterone in food decreases my testosterone level? Shouldn’t testosterone in food increases my testosterone levels?

Ah, you cheeky monkey. Yes, the testosterone in food increases your testosterone levels for now, but if you keep putting testosterone in your body via your mouth (there are other ways of consuming testosterone via mouth that just eating meet!), you might atrophy your own production glands.

6 Testosterone Reducing Causes That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness! hormones in meet

6- Releasing your seeds, regularly.

Ok, we are going to speak in codes here. If you constantly satisfy your urges; you will reduce your testosterone levels. That means if you give yourself orgasm, via your own efforts (is that obvious enough?), that will reduces your testosterone production.

6 Testosterone Reducing Causes That Make You Less Manly! Save your Manliness! 2

fitness tips, Weights vs Cardio, how to lose weight? Burn fat – Bro Science Style

In order to see the pictures in full size you need to click on them and to see the next image, you should also click on the pictures.

(courtesy of BroScienceLife )


What should I do to lose weight? 

The short answer is: do you want to lose weight the right way? Or do you have a wedding to attend and you want to lose your weight the fastest way possible? It totally depends on what you want (or able) to go through to lose those extra pounds.


To make it as simple as it can be, the weight loss is a mathematical equation. If you spend more calories that you take in to your body, you are going to lose weight. If you want to put a number on it, 3500 in lost calories is equal to loss of one pound in body fat.


But, it is not as easy as you taught; like everything else; there is a catch. How do you want to do that? I mean, you might think to yourself: “ok, I have like 15 extra pounds. Let’s say: I’m going on a cardio machine and burn 500 calories a day. That is like 3500 calories a week. It means: I’m going to lose 15 pounds in like 3 months (if I go to gym or a fitness center near my home and burn 500 calories a day!!!).”


In which, in to your response, I will say: “wow that is a lot of time and energy there buddy! Don’t you want to have a social life too? or you just want to lose weight on an elliptical? (or treadmill, to be honest I’m a little biased against treadmill, the constant pounding of your legs (if you running style is not perfect) might be detrimental instead of helpful).


Didn’t you know that you could just eat one meal less a day and do a third of what you planned to do on the treadmill (of course, depending on the amount that you have planned to take in in that one session).”

one-slice of-pizza-meme-funny

You see, there is a well-kept secret in the fitness industry (that Joe Rogan doesn’t want you to know! lol). It goes like this: fitness (or buddy building) is 65% your diet and 35% physical activities! I know, Fing wow:


They don’t tell you this equation: “calorie in – calorie out = weight loss” (if “calorie in” < ”calorie out”). Let’s call this equation the “basic caloric equation”. The equation has two parts in the left side. The “calorie in” part doesn’t make LA Fitness or Planet Fitness any money. They want you to focus on burning calories (the wrong way of burning calories, so that you’ll always need them to keep you in shape). To be blunt, cardio is the dumbest and the least efficient way to burn calories.

Why the least efficient? Because, it is going to burn your calories and destroy your muscle mass at the same time. So, in the long run, you will be less able to burn calories on your own. Why? Because you have lost part of your calorie burning machine due to the hopeless cardio mythology.



So, you might ask: what is the best diet for losing weight, fast? 

In the “basic caloric equation”, we established that the diet part (calorie in) is the most important part in body mass transformation (65.32% to be exact, join our facebook page to find out the 15 more digits after the “.”).

Therefore, the fastest way to lose weight would be to eat nothing at all! Or to fast (“fast” is a verb, means eating nothing, it is awful). I mean, come on! That was obvious! Let’s add this that: “the AIDS patients also lose weight really quickly”. So, if you were to combine the two and…. Just kidding! Changing your diet can be very hard, dangerous and complicated (not as dangerous as getting AIDS tough). In fact, changing your diet will change you as a person! Literary!  (Not just your physical form, but also your mode, ability to generate thoughts and accomplish tasks.) Humans are chemical computers! If you change the chemical input, the result will be different totally! So, just do a thorough study on what you want to do with the diet and supplements.


So, now that we have established cardio is for losers and diet is a complicated subject; what else is left? 

Ahhh, the good old pumping iron! Doing weight training is like cardio (in burning calories), plus the added benefit of gaining muscle mass (which will increase you caloric need in future). So, if you do a weight lifting session, you are going to burn fat, both during that session; and then two weeks later, when you are sitting and watching TV. How? Don’t worry, your new muscle mass is going to burn your fat for you. Your new muscle mass is like a portable elliptical that is burning calories every minutes of every day.


What are the most important muscles that are good for burning fat?

This is another gem (that Joe Rogan doesn’t want you to know! lol). It is your legs. To be honest I think I have heard Joe Rogan has even pointed to this in his podcast before. So, some of your largest muscles are in the lower part of your buddy (not that one!). If you don’t skip the leg days, you are going to have a bigger calorie burning system to get them abs. The fact that you are forced to use your legs every (of course for walking) helps a lot. You see, if you have larger muscles on your legs, you are going to burn more calorie just via walking.  At the end of this article, it is only fair to share with you the following gallery of very informative memes. Father forgive us, for all of these gains.

(courtesy of BroScienceLife )

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