This is how you debunk one of global warming hoaxes, the sea level rising because of ice melting, as T says, wrong!

The global warming crew (or as any other con game, that changes name every other day), the man-made climate change, (oh sorry they have change that one too)…. the climate change crew (which means the climate changes, because of man – made causes so the NWO should tax you for your carbon foorprint “breathing”). Or, their real name = The club of Rome (one sit at the NWO’s round table). Ok, the mentioned group of people; have so many lies and hoaxes and frauds, that will take a full website to un-entangle the web of lies that is the “global warming” or “the club of Rome” or …  One of those lies is as follow: because of rising temperature (wrong… we are going to call their lies, Just like what Donald Trump did to Hitllary), the sea level is going to rise and the cities on the shore are going to go under water!! This is a lie, a hoax and a fraud. Why? Because as the experiment in the video below will show, the level of liquid in a container is not going to change as long as the weight of a floating objet in it doesn’t change! The ice caps have already displaced water relative to their weight; this is a famous Archimedes’ principle. The fact that the main stream media has gone with this simple provable hoax for so long, just show you the power of Jays in the world and the depth of stupidity.

(via: CenterOfNewYork)

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