Everything about A that you are hearing is wronge! Once again, another media hoax + high level denial, deceet delusion

Just watch the UNSC meeting an AL.EEPO! What a dog and pony show! who do they think that the west (the George Soros run states). Why going all these length of denial, deceit and delusion? If the circus that they are running is to effect their own people’s mind, they couldn’t get more support for destruction of Syria that they have already. 100% is the full percentage. They have their citizens in that poor country committing most heinous crimes! If it is to fool Syrian government, Iranian people or the Russian state; they can’t accomplish it! The more they become brazen, the more it is obvious how horrible they are themselves! Just watch the video blow to see it for yourselves:

(via: RonPaulLibertyReport)

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