Facial Tattoo, 3D Tattoos, and 32 of The Worst Face Tattoos

In order to see the pictures in full size you need to click on them and to see the next image, you should also click on the pictures. Facial Tattoo, is that a god Idea? Nope! I’m glad that we got that out of the way. Tattoos are permanent; in case that you didn’t know. There are studies that prove that every 7 years we humans are totally different person! That includes most of our body cells. It is really hard that a tattoo design that you have liked today will stay in line with your current views. The same thing can goes for the piercing too. You have probably heard of stories that a visible tattoo (especially one on your face), or a nose or ear ring, can cost you a job. Just to sound even more like an elder, let me tell you about a number of people who spend tons of money to cover their tattoos or try to remove them, using some sort of expensive tattoo removal. One tattoo removal technique is using a law energy laser to burn the skin off so that a tattooed person loses that skin and grow a new one to somehow make the tattoo less visible. You might ask is there an acceptable reason to use tattoo on ones face? Yes, sometimes a face tattoo is not a total bad idea. As an example, an eyebrow tattoo is one of those cases. Imaging a person who lost his eyebrows in an accident, if he can find a good tattoo shop with a professional tattoo artist to tattoo an artificial eyebrow on his face; he has got his problem solved. Even, some ladies shave their eyebrow totally and tattoo in their eyebrow’s place to reduce the trimming time for ever. But I really want to have a nice tattoo on my face, what can I do? A henna tattoo might be your solution. Henna is a made of a dried up coloring leaf of Henna plant. It can used to make a wide range of dark shade of tattoos. Depending on the time that you leave the Henna on your skin, the color of your Henna Tattoo can darken. This way, you don’t need the expensive tattoo removal procedures.

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