When the government workers of California catch up with the failed lefties polices that forced for the rest Californian in Sacramento

Recently, the lefties closed down one of my biggest facebook pages, because they were not happy with me showing the ugly side of their insane policies that result in the wast of life of most ordinary descent people in order to create human suffering. There is no other way to put it. They left knows about the differences and result of  giving total immunity to the blacks. They are the racist party. They were part of Nazi Germany (the socialist part of nationalist-socialist= Nazi). Now it seams that the “S” is hitting the fan and it is not only in the poor neighborhoods. It is coming to their own area. To their own city. But like any other city in the world. When the wave of black violence hits a city, it goes for its less able to defend citizens. It goes after the most peaceful people. It goes after the immigrants.

And among the immigrants, the Asians are the more susceptible to the violence the others. Because they are smallest. Physically! Any ways, watch the following video:


(via: Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel)

And yeah, don’t forget this: “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry

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