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The newest nail design that is all the rage right now is the funny nail polishes based on cartoon characters. It This post you can learn how to polish your nails using acrylic nail polish to get pretty nail design of a minion which makes all you friends envy. Also you will learn how to help you nails grow faster using: olive oil, coconut oil, orange juice and lemons.

To be able to make pretty cartoon nail design of a minion:

1- Start with a base of a yellow color,

2- Use a large dotting tool to make a big dark dot (preferably grey nail polish, or any dark nail polish that you have got)

3- Use a dotting tool to add a brighter nail polish dot over that

4- Paint a smile and the goggle bands of your minion character using an even darker nail polish

5- Paint the tip of your nail bright blue to resemble the shorts

6- Finish it with a black nail polish as the eye

Now in order to make you nails grow faster, take a look at the following tutorial video:

(courtesy of: superWOWstyle!)

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