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China Just Sent World’s First Quantum Communicating Satellite to Bring Back Einstein’s Soul


China just lunched humanity’s first quantum communication (quantum teleportation) satellite and it is still unliveable.

You might ask:

What is quantum communication?  Are quantum communication and quantum computation, the same thing? Oh, wait minute there! What is quantum computation?

Ok, the answer is: quantum communication and quantum computation are two different things. Basically, (quantum communication = magic communication [communication=send and receive of data]) and (quantum computation=magic computation [computation=what computers do]).

Now, why quantum communication is magic?

Because, there is no need for a physical connection between the sender and the receiver of data to have communication.

But you may ask, Fredi! There is no physical connection in wireless communication either; and I have a wireless connection at home. What is so magical about this?

In response, I will say: “very clever!”.  You are even cleverer than Stephen Hawking himself (or maybe not!). The quantum communication is basically the same thing. It uses wave and vibration. But the magic part is that, sometimes, two particle get entangled (it is like engagement, but for particles, and don’t tell this to any feminists; they might ruin their engagement); and these entangled particles, react to each other’s situation. The entangled particles are like two people sitting on a seesaw. When one goes down the other one goes up; in real time (or just the speed of light in vacuum).  The so-called “scientists” call this “teleportation” (because today’s academics practice alchemy instead of science! That’s why). It is just two part of a big machine in resonance with each other. Just take a look at the following gif:


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So, why is a quantum communication satellite unbelievable?

a quantum communication satellite is unbelievable, because: it is very hard to put a sender and receiver in total entanglement for a very long time. What happen if a naughty third party wants to get entangled with your entanglement project? I guess, then you have sent a multi-billion lab experiment to the orbit to prove that communism, is far worse of a system than free market capitalism.


If you don’t have a good understanding about the quantum, quantum theory, quantum physics, quantum mechanics or have heard something about quantum computation from the prime minister of Canada but you don’t have enough information; Don’t worry! most people don’t have any idea about those either. Even the scientists still live in the dark ages of quantum, or should I say dark matter? (You see, that was just a cheap jab at the so-called scientists! They can’t explain for expansion of universe, and just erase the question by assuming the world is filled some dark gooey substance that they call it dark matter; uggh embarrassing.) Don’t go to university kids. Bro science for life!